Thursday, April 23, 2009

Canonical Visitation over Miles Jesu is completed


External Superior appointed over Miles Jesu by Cardinal Agostino Vallini, Vicar of Rome

After an investigation into Miles Jesu by the Vicariate of Rome and the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life started in June of 2007, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, Cardinal Vicar of the Diocese of Rome has decided to appoint an external superior over Miles Jesu. He will take the place of Fr. _X_, M.J. who was previously the General Director of Miles Jesu.

In Fr. _X_ letter on the Miles Jesu website, he makes it sound like this act of appointing an external superior over Miles Jesu is just a matter of "special assistance" for "accompanying us in the further development of our programs for admission and formation of candidates as well as the preparatory formation of the members before deepening their commitments."

What Father _X_ doesn't mention is that this external superior is being imposed over Miles Jesu after an investigation that was started after approximately 19 members in May of 2007 (including members who were former members of Miles Jesu's governing body, Miles Jesu priests, as well as members who had been in Miles Jesu for over 25 years) reported witnessing over the years in Miles Jesu the following abuses: manipulation of possible recruits to join Miles Jesu, financial dishonesty, practices against Canon Law such as non-confidential spiritual direction, not providing all members with adequate health care/insurance, Miles Jesu's teaching that one's salvation strictly depends on joining Miles Jesu, its prohibition of many members to pursue higher education, its appointment of a Vicar Directress over the women's branch with no formal education in theology or Canon Law, sexual abuse, and various other abuses that show Miles Jesu has cultic qualities.

Up until now these members have been afraid to speak out and warn the Catholic faithful of this dangerous group because they were intimidated with legal threats by a lawyer working for Miles Jesu. After years of suffering they have also not been helped in any way by the Vicariate of Rome, the Congregation for Religious, or Miles Jesu. Hopefully this new superior, Fr. Barry Fischer, will be willing to help victims of Miles Jesu who after years of trying to serve the Church in Miles Jesu are left in destitute situations. Hopefully, he will also prevent Miles Jesu from harrasing ex-members with legal threats.

If you, like so many others, have been abused, deceived by, or adversely affected by Miles Jesu at any time either as a member or a benefactor, please contact Fr. Barry Fischer, CPPS. To find out how you can talk directly to Fr. Fischer directly please call Miles Jesu's publically listed number (773) 262-0861 (Chicago, IL USA house). No member of Miles Jesu can impede you from speaking to Fr. Fischer. If you are aware of abuses it is your duty to inform Fr. Fischer, so that you can help him to reform Miles Jesu

You may also contact the Cardinal directly:

Here is the contact information for Cardinal Vallini which is listed on the website of the Vicariate of Rome:

Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano 4 - 00184 ROMA
tel. Vicariato 06-

In the United States, Miles Jesu currently operates in the canonical territory of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Chicago, and the Diocese of Phoenix. These dioceses should also have information on how you can contact the external superior appointed over Miles Jesu.

From the Official Website of Miles Jesu:
An Important Message from Rome

Divine Mercy Sunday
April 19, 2009
Rome, Italy

Dear Brothers and Sisters and Friends of Miles Jesu,

The Lord is truly risen, Alleluia!

The Easter Season is a time of new birth, new life and renewed joy. This Easter Season our Heavenly Father has brought to our Ecclesial Family Miles Jesu new birth, new life and renewed joy in a very special way.

The canonical visitation to Miles Jesu has been formally concluded by Cardinal Agostino Vallini with decree of March 25, 2009. With this decree, the Church has also put our Ecclesial Family on a path for a happy and fruitful future. During this time, She is showing her motherly solicitude by giving to us the special assistance of Fr. Barry Fischer, CPPS, of the Society of the Most Precious Blood, as an extraordinary, external superior to Miles Jesu. Fr. Barry will be helping us in the much needed revision of our constitutions (whose five-year approval ad experimentum has expired) before their final approval. Fr. Barry will also be accompanying us in the further development of our programs for admission and formation of candidates as well as the preparatory formation of the members before deepening their commitments.

Fr. Barry has already spent a few days with us at our general house in Rome, and all of us here are already experiencing the loving, gentle and guiding hand of mother Church through him. He has been superior general of his society for two terms and a missionary in Latin America for 26 years, and thus brings to us a wealth of experience. In the near future, Fr. Barry will be communicating with you personally through this website in his capacity as the new superior of Miles Jesu.

Just as the star reappeared for the Three Holy Kings after consulting with the religious leaders in Jerusalem and filled them with exceeding joy, so i am fully confident that, by divine providence, Fr. Barry's guidance will further our Ecclesial Family on this solid and secure path for a joyful and fruitful future in the service of Jesus and His Church. Let us give thanks to God for making us "a little part of the great Epiphany of the Lord, as a simple witness of the hope of His coming and the world beyond."

May Holy Mary, Our Lady of the Epiphany, make the beautiful light of her resurrected Son to shine forth with greater splendour on our Ecclesial Family and in each one of our hearts, filling each of us, her sons and daughters, with great joy and consolation at this milestone in our Ecclesial Family's history. Let us join Mary at this time in magnifying the Lord for all the great things He is doing for us! The Lord is truly risen, Alleluia!

In Corde Matris,
Fr. Mark _X_, MJ


  1. The truth shall be known!

  2. Wow, seems to me most of you guys have some serious anger issues that need to be addressed.

    Anyway most of you sound as though you were unable or unwilling to handle the demands placed upon you, not a bad thing, till you try to lower the standards set in order to accommodate your inadequacies.

    Lastly, this also rings of a failed coup (of which you didn’t succeed) ??? Reminds me of this simple definition…
    Sore Loser - Someone who can't simply be honorable, by accepting defeat and/or trying again. On the contrary, said individual or group engages in childish pissing and moaning; bitching about how it's not fair and the other side cheated, etc.

  3. You my friend need to do a little bit more research before you make foolish comments.

  4. Yeah demands like not having health insurance, having your private matters of spiritual direction told in front of the whole community, having to be subjects of denunciation sessions with Fr. General, going anywhere on a moment's notice without being given the chance to live legally in the country, having to lie to hierarchy, not being able to visit family while the founder does what he pleases in this regard (and against custom goes to his own brother's funeral), having nervous breakdowns,
    and being taught that salvation strictly depends on a vocation to Miles Jesu from day ONE you are in the community. Yeah those demands that no one should have to put up with, especially at the hands of a Christian organization.

    It's called abuse, and that's why the Vicariate appointed an external superior.

  5. LOL! Wow, the above comment looks like SOMEONE is a bit judgmental. (what an understatement) How do you know the above article was written by a "failed coup"? The fact that the Holy See got involved proves that they so called "coup", if there even was one, did NOT fail.

    That was the obvious point of the whole article and YOU MISSED IT! LOL!

    The tone and negativity of your comment rings of anger issues on the part of the author of said commen, and also denial.

    Who are you? Sounds like you have some investment in that group to be so nasty against this article.

    "On the contrary, said individual or group engages in childish pissing and moaning; bitching about how it's not fair and the other side cheated, etc."

    LOL!!!! That is too funny! Then you say, "Anyway most of you sound as though you were unable or unwilling to handle the demands placed upon you, not a bad thing, till you try to lower the standards set in order to accommodate your inadequacies."

    You definitely sound like an disgruntled member of that group Miles Jesu. You are probably one of those who was too weak to stand up to the nonsense going on in that group and you are crying because the truth is being exposed. You caught with your pants down and don't want to accept it! LOL!

    You sound like one of those "holier than thou" types too. One of those who think they are better than others and won't ever admit to a mistake, so you start attacking those who try to reveal the truth because you are too scared to look at yourself. Revealing truth is charity. You comment was very Pharisaical. Sigh... I smh at the people who call themselves Christians...

    Actually, I bet you are in that crazy group. LOL! You don't want to admit you were too weak to do anything to fix that group so you attack those who actually had the courage to go to the higher authorities. But don't worry. I'm sure whoever is involved in that case is praying for people like you that won't admit anything is wrong until people start coming forward like in the case of the Legionaries of Christ. LOL! And what will dumb people like you say then???


    Now grow up and stop attacking victims and people who do good to reveal truth. Yes, people like you make me angry because you actually work against the Church and not in Her favor.

    And one more thing. Keep your mouth shut about things you know nothing about. Your pride to speaking the way you did is disgusting.

    Now have a good day and God bless you. :)

  6. Anger issues have nothing to do with catching the founder of your order with his arms around a 20 year old Ukrainian man, their lips passionately fused together, and the young man with an erection. When it was mentioned to the priests and the Vicar-General, the young man was told the Founder was imprudent but what happened was not what he thought it was. The young man who confronted the founder was then forever labeled as a liar, a bull***er, and someone never to be believed. 12 years later, 12 years of self-doubt, hell and suffering, he talked to a young man who had a sexual relationship with that same founder. A very intimate sexual relationship. The young man who came to the General Government in shame was sent into exile. The sins of the Founder forever covered up...but nothing but Heaven is forever. Is there no rightious anger in that....???


  8. So what is the latest on MJ?

  9. Fr. Gelis is in the nuthouse, so it's been said.
    MJ destroys souls.

  10. Fr. Fischer have some courage and SHUT MILES JESU DOWN!!

    YOu know the truth you read the documents that were submitted to the Vicariate. Do the right thing! Don't continue the cover-up. Miles Jesu destroys souls. Why do you think we must go on these anonymous websites? Because Miles Jesu will stick it's goon lawyers on us if we speak up and the Church authorities will do NOTHING to protect us.

  11. How come within a year of leaving most of the domus members are now married? Weird!

    Jackie MJ

  12. You are right by saying "most". Certainly not ALL of us are.

  13. Most of these members left in May of 2007. That is coming up on three years ago.

  14. LOL! this comment by Jackie MJ is funny. It may seem weird to you Jackie. But then again, many who left are in their 40's or older with no college degree and no money. So what do you expect them to do? Just sit around and wait for MJ to keep promising to help them with no actual show of it? So when would you like them to get married Jackie? When would it NOT be wierd to you? It's been almost 3 years Jackie.

    But you wanna know what is REALLY weird Jackie? Isn't it "weird" how these members who were in MJ have left and none of them got a college degree in MJ accept for those who studied for the priesthood, yet MJ was for the laity?

    Isn't it weird that MJ has had these members make a LIFE LONG COMMITMENT of consecration in MJ after only being in MJ for only a few months or only 1 year eventhough this went against canon law?

    Isn't it weird that MJ had these members join MJ and live in the community after only KNOWING MJ for only a month or going to ONE retreat with them and telling them "you have a vocation to Miles Jesu" immediately afterwards?

    Isn't it weird that it is almost 3 years after leaving and MJ still has yet to help those members who worked for MJ for 10, 20 to almost 30 years of their life generously?

    Oh but I guess you don't want to look at that huh? Must be too wierd for you...

  15. And speaking of "weird," there are also some "weird" things that have occurred in the aftermath of the Catholic Church's 2007 intervention to begin investigating Miles Jesu...

    Isn't it weird that apparently most of the current members have still NOT been informed by the Vicariate of Rome as to the real reasons why the Pope's Vicar made the decision in 2009 to appoint an outside superior to take over the leadership of Miles Jesu? This was a decision based on the the facts which the Church had learned over the course of her almost two-year investigation of Miles Jesu.

    Thanks to some courageous whistle blowers, the members of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi now know that their founder, Maciel, was a homosexual predator who lived a double-life. Don't the members of Miles Jesu also have the right to know about their so-called founder, Alphonsus Duran?

    Imagine if, ten years into the future, a current member learns the real truth about Duran. That member will likely feel that he or she has been deceived by the Church, and that he or she has wasted yet another decade of his or her life because of a lack of transparency by ecclesiastical authorities.

    If the Church really wants to give Miles Jesu a chance to heal and resurrect, the truth must be made known. How can real reform occur if members are kept in the dark about the abuses carried out by their so-called founder and other top superiors?

    Many in the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi now realize that the system which their psychologically warped founder created was truly cult-like. Members of Miles Jesu need to be told the whole truth by the Church so that they may also realize how extremely cult-like and controlling Duran's system was, as well. Only the truth can truly set us free...

    Finally, at least Maciel was told by the Church before he died that he had to cease public ministry as a priest, and begin a life of penance. Has the Church given this same help to Duran? Have Church officials let Duran know that he needs to repent for all he has done?

    Today is Ash Wednesday. I pray that the Church will help Duran to realize the grave damage he has done -- so that he can also repent before he dies. I pray for all the current members who are being kept from knowing the truth. And I pray for all those who have been victims of Duran and the dehumanizing system he created.

    In memory of all the Miles Jesu victims,

    A respecter of God and of Freddy B.

  16. Sorry folks..reading this some time after the comment I made before I have discovered more re MJ..Andy Sullivan's testimony is excellent..problem is I have some friends in MJ..good people...