Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Former members, please comment!

This new article recently appeared on the Miles Jesu website

"It is a basic element of Miles Jesu’s charism as lay apostles to combine intelligence and love in practice, at home and at work. We strive to promote—and to live—the message of being professional apostles, and apostles in our professions. Many of our younger domus members are preparing for this in a very real sense with studies in various professions." from

Please comment on this.


  1. Well the whole point in these articles is all of these members are STUDYING now. Some of them have been in for 15 plus years. Why are they only first studying now? This is because in the past members were not allowed to study. Just two years ago the MJ ladies were promoting themselves as "nuns" in light blue habits. It is good that they are finally being honest and doing what they are supposed to do, but still I wouldn't trust it. Things don't change overnight. Newcomers beware!

  2. This is funny. How come they are "preparing for this in a very real sense with studies in various professions", only NOW when they are being investigated and not during all the years I was in the group? How come it was looked at as disobedient to desire to go to study?(they used to say "The Blessed Mother doesn't have a degree so God doesn't care about that, so why should you?) How come there was so much of a focus on money and vocations before, but NOW, when an OUTSIDE authority has been appointed as their NEW SUPERIOR, stuff like this changes? Things that we have been saying ALL ALONG should be done but were never listened to and even criticized for? Now they flaunt this and act like they were in favor of it all along? And why say "preparing for this in a very real sense"? What do they mean by "real sense"? It's either you study or you don't. They say that because they know for years they have been beating around the bush in this area and NEVER promising anything, with the result of 40 and 50 year-olds with no degree, no education.

    This is only happening now because the Vatican got word of the abuses in the group and decided to take action to change them or shut them down. So now they are putting on a big show in a "very REAL SENSE."

    What outsiders should ask is, HOW OLD ARE THESE PEOPLE GETTING EDUCATIONS NOW? Many of them are over 40 years old or almost 40. Why so late in getting their degrees? How many years were they already in the group before this education phenomenon started? And why is it that NOW so many are getting their degrees and going to school all of a sudden ALL AT THE SAME TIME? And why BROADCAST it? Is it really that big of a deal to get a DEGREE? All orders give their members an education. Oh I forgot, except for Miles Jesu. And Miles Jesu is supposed to be LAY. It took them 40+ to allow their members to study. Before only the seminarians could study and they were a small few. Let's see how long this lasts.

    And if they don't like this being said, then to show their genuine good intention why don't they offer to pay for the education of even the members who recently left? Like those who were in the group for more than 20 YEARS, who worked and slaved FOR FREE, and left with NO EDUCATION thanks to THEM! I would like to see a "Newsletter" article about that! Because the fact is, if those who left didn't warn the Vatican about the abuses in Miles Jesu, these members would not be studying right now and this article wouldn't exist.

  3. Would anyone with information on how to reach Fr. Barry Fischer concerning a former member's experiences and subsequent challenges please post info here?
    After calling two Miles Jesu Communities and asking for Fr. Fischer(was told he doesn't live there and they have no contact information for him), am hoping someone can help me through this site.

  4. Fr. Barry Fischer's email address is:

  5. What was Miles Jesu investigated for? I've been trying to do research but can't find much...

  6. Go to and search for "Miles Jesu" and you will see the decree of investigation.

  7. Is Fr. Tom Cahill in Miles Jesu?

  8. Hello. Though English is not my first lunguage i wanted to express thanks for this blog and all the information and comments that you provide. Gosh, if i knew all this existed before...i was a member of Mj for four years and i left few years ago. Till day i'm still struggling with what i went there in Mj and not to mention the fact i have to now pay for my eduaction not being allowed to study back then. Some people would say i wasted my time. But i try to look positively.
    How are you all people there feel now? Thanks everyone for contributing and posting this. It's real help to see someone fighting for "some basic human right", for expressing their feeling and abuses made to them by others.
    Above all God bless those who trully work for Christ.

  9. Hello to all of you, ex-mj! Glad you're out of that psychological hell. Hope you all are live much better now! Keep comments fresh! And thanks for this blog, its awesome and very true.

  10. It is very sad that all thouse guys who say they were abused where silent untill they got out. YOU should have stoped this a long time ago. Now you all are just feeling sorry for yourselves. I don't feel sorry for you. YOU shoud have known better! Just my opinion

  11. The last anonymous commenter is very ignorant to how Miles Jesu works. Miles Jesu was so effective at deceit that they hid from members who Miles Jesu was actually approved under. It took awhile for the members that left just to figure out that Miles Jesu was approved under the Vicariate of Rome.

    Additionally, Monsignor Tonello of the Diocese of Rome indicated to some members that the Congregation for Religious was notified of abuses years ago but they did nothing of it because of "friends and politics". The Archdiocese of Chicago and Cardinal George were also notified of things but they did nothing. You can't fight city hall.

  12. Miles Jesu internal documents exposed by Wikileaks now back on the web!

  13. I'm a vinculum member..from 2004..don't know if I will leave MJ

  14. From:-Ted Habib, President , Compare Travel,
    President, HF Incorporated, President :- World wide Import and export. With Miles Jesu from 1983 till present.
    Shame Shame , Shame , on you Andy. Do you know who I am, I come from fanatic, religious, orthodox Muslim Family. It is Milles Jesu, who gave me more spiritual strength, than any one after the Lord. Shame , Shame on you Andy. Father Duran was always with me when I was doing through Divorce. Father Duran was there, to feed pigs like you , running all over the world . Shame on you Andy, Father Duran, told Father Vota, to assist me to pass through bad times. Father Duran knew I was a rich man, never , never he asked 1$ donation from me. I have met him several times, sitting in cramped seats traveling over seas to spread Gospel. On the same flight I use be in First class. My conscious would never permit me to sit in first class, I came and sat next to him. I come from a poor family, the kind Lord , brought me Father Duran. When I met Father Vota and Father Duran, I was bachelor, living in big house, on lake shore drive. Father Duran's teaching and Father Vota's spiritual guidance kept me away from Devils acts. Shame on you Andy, by disgracing Fr. Duran you have created hell both on earth and in the next world. Who I am I ? a converted Christian. After my divorce, I had enough money for Alcohol, women, and you name it. But Fr. Duran, tole me to move to house on Morse. Fr. Vota was with me. I have traveled with Fr. Duran, I have lived with him. Shame, on you Andy, I never Knew the demon is flowing in your blood. Just because you could not get the official position, that your were dreaming to get in Miles Jesu, you decided to revolt. Your jealousy feelings , one day will destroy you. I am always with my brother and sisters of MilesJesu. Till I am alive, Fr. Duran teaching will guide and Father's Vota' guidance will guide till I meet Fr Vota, in heaven.
    Today my Son Zubin with 2 Masters and MD is Christian missionary is due Fr. Duran and Fr.Vota. Today Zubin , MBA, CPA an Attorney is Christian Missionary due Fr. Duran. My Ex wife, always called Fr. Duran and Fr. Vota. It is because Fr. Duran, I gave away every thing to my Ex wife and started my life again.

    Take out this Blog Any, or you will be Unhappy in this world will be unhappy in next world. FR. Duran is among those who God loves, and not among those who love God, as people like Fr. Duran dont have time as they are busy in serving the needy , sick, poor, unhappy, because, people like Fr. Duran are busy serving God's creatures like me like you.

    Andy, I am threatening you, I give you 30 days to take this blog down, or you will be coming to Chicago to see me in Federal Court with my attorney.
    Any one hurts Milles Jesu hurts me.

    Thanking you & God bless
    Ted Habib Phone 312 523 5391
    P.S Let us try to be friends.

  15. Ted,
    I lived at Miles Jesu for two years and know what kind of place it was. Wonderful people, unfortunately under the leadership of a sick man, Fr. Duran. I have no ill-will towards Miles Jesu as the members all meant well. But Fr. Duran was very much a type of "cult leader" in his personality. I know this first-hand, again I lived there for two years.

    I'm glad that you were able to find Christ and ammend your life. But not all men of the cloth are good men. Fr. Duran is not a good man and anyone reading this should steer clear of Miles Jesu.

    As for Andy, I was there in his earliest days at Miles Jesu. I remember him to be a man of utmost character and not deserving of your hatred. Please rethink your actions.